Jul 21

Salvador Balli: Feelings

hello guys I am an extroverted guy I like good music, healthy food and especially have a lot of sex, strong rude and wild I love to fill my ass with milkIn my free time I go to university I like to study and read a lot I love older men because they help me think better and when I am inside of them in the hole it is hotter to feel that makes me very hard and hornyI want to find a good man to help me, to take care of me and give me a lot of love and respect and above all to be a very good lover and enjoy our milk together forever happy day for allSALVADOR

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Jul 21

Zach Price: My Loves

I am a boy in love with life I like to share and enjoy my sexual experiences, I like to fall in love with a passionate man who really loves me and knows how to fuck very good, I want to be a winner so I like to study and go to university I like to read a lot and listen to good music and especially fuck a lot if it is possible day and night without resting I hope to find a wonderful man for me in this place

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Jul 17

Cooper Diaz: My Dear...

Today I found the love of my life.I was on public transport, a tall man with honey eyes spell me with his eyes. There were so many people that our bodies began to touch, without guilt, he pounced on me, due to the movement of the bus. At that moment I felt ashamed but inside I felt an indescribable excitement, I was so grateful that his body would collide with mine.Unfortunately, my dear lover got off very soon and I was left with a vacuum of love.It was the most beautiful platonic love I’ve had

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